Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Wisley Gardens

New Hilltop building
Yes, I know i almost always post about Wisley when we go to England. But it is such a gorgeous garden. It is actually "the Royal Horticultural Garden at Wisley". During this visit we actually visited two new sections. The Water Garden, which is cute, but not too big. But the are is now the focus of the labs and a food. It is a new nice building, and I like it.

Crazy pretty azaleas

A Horse studies Jane, Lynn and Ed

Then there is the "Italianate Gardens" which is a ramble of mounds and streams that calls to mind the wild gardens of Italy. We lucked out because the Azaleas were in bloom. Gorgeous.

And yes, they have updated the Alpine Houses (my favorite) and the water feature area.

Newly updated Alpine Rockery

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