Friday, May 20, 2022

This is funny if you know.

 Well, not funny ha ha. But funny, sad. Heartbreaking. And, even though it happened in a Hurricane Delayed game in Miami, we all remember....


  1. You must be a BIG fan if you remembered this...I had to look it up.

  2. Don't ask me my age or salary, but most importantly, don't ask me how much I weigh...unless you are my anesthesiologist. svh

  3. Lynnie, Of course I remember it. We were 3rd in the nation all year. We needed #1 or #2 to lose so we could go the national champion game. And, that very day, #2, K State lost. We were in the national championship. Then, that night, we lost a game to Miami that had been rescheduled from fall because of a hurricane. And we lost on a late interception (that should never have been called FYI, he was down before the ball was caught and dropped) - and never went to that game. It was the last game of Cade McNown and it was crushing.


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