Thursday, May 26, 2022

Take Me Out was GREAT

 Okay, I wasn't really up for seeing Take Me Out. I'm not all that into baseball, and what is the point of another gay coming out story. Particular when, 20 years on, STILL no one in baseball has come out. But a friend, Kelli, wanted to go, and she can't make it to New York. I trust her and thought if she liked it it 

And it's not really about coming out. Jessie Williams (of Grey's Anatomy) plays a baseball legend. He is the best player on a winning team. Handsome, intelligent, biracial with a wholesome middle class upbringing. He is the epitome of the American Dream. And coming out, well it doesn't thrill anyone, but it doesn't challenge anyone really.

The story is more, much more, about Patrick Adams (of "Suits" fame) who is Jessie's best friend and the ream peacekeeper. AND a new hotshot pitcher raised in a deeply racist and homophobic set of orphanages and foster homes. Patrick has to (or has chosen to) become a big brother to the entire team, and is a long time friend of Jessies.

Gliding against this story, is the story of Jesse Tyler Ferguson (from Modern Family). He is a gay account who is assigned to Jessie's account when his original account retires. Over the course of the play, Jessie becomes the only gay person Jessie can talk to. Maybe the only person, and others change on him.

Tyler Ferguson tries to learn baseball to understand his new client better. And he does. Then he falls in love with baseball. The sense of belonging to a group. The smell of success and the pain of loss. He is a convert.

So let me say this. Jessie Williams is fantastic. His acting is phenomenal. It isn't over the top, it is restrained and spot on. And, if you heard about the pictures that were snuck out (they lock your phones up when you go, so someone lied) are true. That appendage deserves it's own playbill listing. But I digress.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is also great. I've seen quite a few times, and this is one of his best. Or maybe the role. He moves from outcast to lover of baseball, and it is cute.

Patrick Adams is fine. Okay, he is very very good. But a) never mind #1 - it'ws not important to anyone but me and b) ( and much much worse) he is a Trojan and still contributes a a mentor at USC. And he was very good in a cast that was stellar.


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