Thursday, May 5, 2022

Hum... I'm trying to define this... Homophobia or Hate Crime?

This morning I go to walk Junie, the dog I walk 2 days. a week. After our walk (successful!) I took the owner's garbage to the trash room - I know, a giver.

Coming out of the elevator is a worker is trying to get his extra large vacuum out of the elevator and into the hall. 

I helped him with the door and maneuvering it. 

He was nice, he smiled and said, "Thanks Pops."

"Pops"? POPS?

That is definitely homophobic. No doubt. 

But my question is, was that a hate crime too?

By the way, when I hear "pops" I think Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction.


  1. I don't get homophobic or hate crime but maybe age ma'am. Though it could be a term of respect, I think old and decrepit when someone calls me ma'am.

  2. Definitely a hate crime. Similar to when the "youngsters" refer to me as Sweetheart or Dear. BTW, I asked a Home Depot employee (a 20ish young man) to stop calling me Dear after I noticed that the man he had been waiting on before me only rated a solid "Dude". He acted like I had slapped him hard across the face. If you are Uncle Joe, I guess I'll be Aunt Bea. svh


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