Sunday, May 8, 2022

Good News, Twice!

 In the Good News category, two items are new today.

The first, Hawaiian Monk Seals numbers are up. This is an endangered type of seal - and no, the picture is not of a dead one, but one sunning on a beach. It speaks not only to preservation work, but also to an ocean environment that has been cleaned up in the past few years.

The second, Finland is pioneering a new way to deal with Nuclear Waste on site. For their new site, built on clay - which is almost water tight when wet - they are digging a massive complex deep underground to store the old fuel rods. This waste is mainly why Nuclear Power is so problematic. 

Finland's plant and storage works seamlessly with each other. The spent rods can be removed and delivered underground on automated systems, that prevent leakage and protect humans. Very cool.

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