Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Campaigns are now legally allowed to accept bribes (read on macduff)

Two decisions came out yesterday clearing the way for corporations and people to legally bribe campaigns. Okay, 1 legal way, and 1 defacto way.

The Supreme Court ruled that a politician who loaned his own campaign money can repay himself with donated funds well past the election. Rather than gobbledegook, let's take an example - I will use a Democrat for this to show it is bad on both sides.

Example, Diane Finestein - on her first run for Senate loans "herself" 2 million dollars for the campaign. Now she can do this because her husband is freaking RICH. And then the Finestein campaign runs ads talking about how oil companies should have their subsidies phased out and those subsidies should go to solar companies. 

After the election she still has money in her election fund, left over monies not spent - including her own $2 million. But since she loaned that to herself, she can pay it back from anywhere. So if a random solar corporation donates $2 million more to her campaign - even months after the election where the candidate has spread a pro-solar message, then she can pay herself back that $2,000,000 loan, even if she didn't use all that money. So yeah, that's bribery,

The other ruling is summarized well by the Atlantic, so I will just copy it.

Also yesterday, the Federal Election Commission said it has decided not to take action against Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign for routing hundreds of millions of dollars through third parties in order to circumvent disclosure laws. This has long been considered illegal, but the FEC deadlocked on doing anything about it. This is by design: The commission is split between Democratic and Republican appointees, which ensures that one party’s appointees—usually Republicans, who dislike existing regulations—can block enforcement. This has become the norm at the FEC. If violating the laws isn’t punishable, the laws might as well not exist.

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