Friday, May 27, 2022

At Long Last - Republicans Offer Some Solutions for Mass Shootings

Thank goodness our Republican leadership has proposed some real solutions to mass shootings:

Have fewer doors on schools - Senator Ted Cruz

Cancun Ted believes that fewer doorways would delay shooters - allowing students to../ well they can't escape with only 1 door. And there are fire codes for a reason.

No more Transgender people - House Rep Paul Gosar - Arizona

Paul was the first politician to call out the shooter. Unfortunately he was dead wrong. He picked up a picture on the "truth" on the internet, one of two doctored pictures putting the shooters hair on two transgender women: one in New Jersey and one in Michigan living and working at the time of the shooting. Not surprisingly, this has been debunked, but. those two women are still getting death threats.

No More Liberal Teachers - Maine House of Reps - Heather Anne Sprague

Heather believes says that liberal teachers molded this child into a serial killer. She thinks the shooter's teachers should be arrested for multiple murders.

Not Enough God - House Rep Marjorie Taylor Green - Georgia (and lots others)

"We don't need more gun control. We need to return to God" (Majorie). 

Not Enough Guns / Arm Teachers - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

We need to station people at guns at every school in the country. (Scott's note - turns out there WERE police at the High Shooting. They did nothing to make a point and waited for the Border Patrol assuming this shooter was an undocumented immigrant. FYI - he wasn't. Full American citizen that killed 21 people, But thanks Texas Police.

It's Due to Poor Peoples Lack of Fathers - Senator Mike Lee - Utah

Words fail.

Is ADHD Medication's Fault - Sen Tommy Tuberville - Auburn (joking - Alabama)

“Kids have changed over the years, the drugs they’re taking for attention deficit just to focus on what they’re doing. It’s mind-boggling to me,” he told HuffPost this week.

And finally this lovely response by Rep Lauren Boebert - Colorado

Colorado rep. Lauren Boebert has dismissed calls for gun law reform in the wake of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, because the county "didn't ban planes" after the 9/11 terror attacks.

Dear Ms Boebert, the country doesn't want to ban SCHOOLS (which is the actual equivalency here). But we did BAN things people bring on a plane - liquids, sharp objects and box-cutters. The things actually used to try and kill people. 

These children died and you all don't seem to give a shit or be serious.

As for the manufacturer of the actual gun, Daniel Defense. This was their ad 8 days before the shooting:

I guess it is truth in advertising. The murderer did not depart from guns. I don't think it is something to be proud of, but okay.

The saddest part of Daniel Defense gun maker. This will actually drive up sales. Gun sales increase every time there is a mass shooting. So they will profit off these deaths. 

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  1. So clearly, if it's up to them nothing will be done and the U.S. will continue to look foolish to the rest of the world.


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