Monday, April 4, 2022

I Spotted the Bridge

I don't know if you remember, but the last time I was in Bosnia & Montenegro, I drove from Sarajevo (BiH) to Perast (MTE). I spoke of the rickety bridge I had to cross. Well, I just found a picture of it. It has not been replaced yet, since it is a VERY minor crossing point near two national parks.

But in checking stuff, I found that it is the end point of the water water rafting trip. And they had a picture of the bridge - as it is kind of famous.

Now when I crossed there was a short line of cars on each side. And, only 1 car could cross the bridge at a time, each way (it is just barely wider than 1 lane). Because it was a fully insured rental, I wasn't scared at all.

But yes, it is metal and lots of wood. On the Bosnian Side, it is primarily a dirt road for the first 3 miles. Coming towards Montenegro, I was pretty sure I was lost despite the gps and maps.

So here is a great picture of the bridge that I could only describe before.

That is the Bosnia Herzegovina customs where the flag is on the far side.

Photo credit:Julian Nyča

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