Monday, April 4, 2022

Banning Books - And My First "Dirty" Reading

All this talk about banning different books from libraries reminds me of the first "dirty" book I read. I mean it wasn't really the FIRST dirty book, but my father's wide and varied collections of porn don't make that cut. 

I mean I something from a library I read then furtively in private. Yes, this was different.

It was in school and a weather beaten "The Exorcist" was passed around in my English class. I seriously don't even remember what the dirty parts were, but it was rather explicit (the Cross part? - can't remember).

Now, looking back, it did not in anyway contribute to a depraved moment, nor make me straight. Which is important only as a counterpoint to those parents that think gay novels will make their children gay. 

No real point here, except that banning books does not work.

PS - The class was in an odd remedial / advanced English class and the teacher tried to dissuade us, but could not stop laughing. Only a threat to make us read the passages out loud convince us to stop passing it around - at least in her class.

BUT as it helped get us reading, she only banned it in class while she was teaching. She did allow it to be passed around the class to be read outside of class.

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