Monday, March 7, 2022

Well, this is what I think should happen

 I am shocked, saddened, and surprised at what is happening in Ukraine.To see a country of 44 million people in a country the size of Ukraine (Texas has about 25 million people) being killed by indiscriminate bombing because their "shock and awe" campaign did not work, it is crazy.

But let us forget what mistakes and hopeful thinking that got us here. How can we stop it? Answer: we cannot. But we can make it exponentially harder to Russia to continue, we can turn off their oil and natural gas sales.

This will drive up prices in the United States and the world. It will make politicians and governments truly unpopular. Unless...

I think President Biden (maybe flanked by Bush 2 and Obama) should have an emergency cut in to broadcast, not a planned speech - but perhaps a pre recorded statement of less than 1 paragraph. Gived it that day, although perhaps not live. No one will care when Fox News reports it 3 days later as "faked". And in that moment (I think Biden should) just say..

"My fellow Americans. Russia has attacked the free democracy of Ukraine. Like all of us, Americans have witnessed the death of thousands of civilians and the ongoing indiscriminate bombing of the country. America and the entire world, demand an end to this war. To further the cause of peace, America and our allies have decided to embargo the key to Russia's economy, oil and natural gas.

This will NOT be costless to Americans. It will not be costless to the free people of the world everywhere. Prices for energy, the price you pay at the gas pump, these will increase greatly in the short term. Americans will pay more for gas in order to save millions of lives (montage of images of death of individuals plays in the background). This will save millions more Ukrainians from being refugees, scattered away from their homes, their churches and their families (montage .. small children with dogs or stuffed animals crying as fathers stay and they are sent away).

The murder of innocents and the destruction of a democracy at the hands of a dictator; this cannot be allowed to stand unanswered. Americans have been generous to the Ukrainian people individually, from our church groups and from many companies. Embargoing a major supplier of energy will not be cheap, but lives of innocents are never cheap. With this action we can hopefully stop a European war in its tracks. America was drug into the last two major European Wars, all of us need to help Ukraine before another continent wide war starts. Higher gas prices maybe the price we have to pay. 

Over this period, the federal government joined by many, if not all, state governments will suspend gasoline taxes so this effect on prices should keep your costs to the minimum possible.

The eyes of the world are on us.

Thank you and God Bless America."

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  1. Beautifully said and I agree we should be willing to pay higher gas prices if it will help stop Putin. It will push some people to or beyond their ability to pay for it. So those of us who can should also be willing to help those here who need it.


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