Saturday, March 12, 2022

This is what happens when old white men make the rules

 I am sure they heard the words "ectopic pregnancies" and resolved by abortion, they freaked out. Because they are ruled by buzzwords. Ectopic pregnancies are non viable pregnancies because the egg attacks to the Fallopian tube, were a placentia cannot grow and so the fetus will not survive. The new law will force women to keep the fetus, potentially killing the woman (the fetus is already dead no matter what).



  1. If men could get pregnant there wouldn't be this nonsense. Maybe some female senator should introduce a bill that would require men who get women that have abortions or ectopic pregnancies to get vasectomies. After all, pregnancies start with sperm.


Lynn Sent me this from ABC News

 Lynn gave me the heads up that this story was on ABC Nightly News. It is great and funny. There might be an ad before it, but hold on; it i...