Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Next in their sights: Miscegenation (Interracial Marriage)

First the idiots made restrictive laws against women and their rights in case of pregnancy.

Then they decided parents of trans kids were child abusers. And then, children of same-sex parental couples cannot say that in school.

Now they think interracial marriage was decided incorrectly at the Supreme Court! Same as they think that what happened with abortion, gay rights and voting rights were all decided wrong. And they have overturned voting rights. They are in the process of overturning abortion. They are in the process of outlawing protection for gays.

So guess what is next.

Senator Braun's position, no more mixed race marriages! Yes SENATOR from the great state of Indiana - that state that only overturned an antigay rights law after the NCAA threatened to move the national championships out of Indianapolis.

And if you think I am being overly dramatic, this happened today in the Senate of the United States:

Equality is for old straight white men only.

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  1. Just when you think they can't get any meaner or more stupid you (I) am proved wrong (again).


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