Saturday, March 12, 2022

Effects of the Ukraine War on Us

The Ukrainian invasion is horrible. And it is more horrible for the Ukrainians (and Russian conscripts) than anyone.

However... there is always a however if I am posting. However, social scientists and psychologists are watching the effect on Americans - I am sure in Europe they are doing the same thing.

It turns out, this is just one more damn thing to freak us out.

Just as Covid is finally ramping down, Americans were a bit freaked out by inflation. The number was something like 60% of people were worried about that. But then Ukraine happened.

The war in Ukraine is just one more thing we cannot control. And. like Covid, seems to mock our ability to do anything to stop it. Like the never ending Covid, it shows up on our screen night after night with a new attack and death.

That is why some Americans that are going to fight on the Ukraine side. Why there are lists of companies that are in Russia and making their lives easier and how to boycott or avoid (thank you Lynn). Why so many Americans are pissed that we just can't take the Polish MIGs and send them to Ukraine. And why the world loves Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He is a leader that doesn't hide behind platitudes and a dysfunctional Congress. He just stays and gets his work done. And yes, I know he started as an actor and is better at messaging that US politicians. But still, he is there and rallying both Ukrainians and the World to support him.

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