Sunday, March 20, 2022

Back: But Trying to Ignore These Topics

 I am back after my mental health break. Going forward I will try to ignore the following:

(I may not succeed, particularly after the June Supreme Court Judgements are released, but I promise to try. If not for you, for my mental health.) 

Clockwise from top left

Parts of the Ukraine War. At least I will try to not post on the idiotic points brought up by Politicians, Fox News, and Russian supporters

Donald Trump

Book Banning (plenty of people already post on how stupid it is and I don't have a lot to add, and a lot that makes my blood pressure rise).

The Squad of idiots, grifters, and performance artists of Congress.

Fox News in general and Tucker Carlsen in particular. Although I do love the nickname Tuckier Rose a play on Tokyo Rose.

January 6th Insurrectionists. I want them and their political backers to be punished. And yet, it is like teaching that pig to sing. It frustrates me and annoys the pig.

That still leaves plenty that drives me crazy: new vigilante abortion laws, new "don't make kids feel bad about racism, slavery, or inequality" laws, anti-gay laws, Texas (the state), and Florida (the government). So don't worry about me...

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  1. Note to son : Griffith Park was definitely a “cruising spot” when I lived in Glendale in the late 50s !
    ( Late comment but you know my “spotty” internet!)


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