Sunday, February 13, 2022

Wow! Just Wow!

“In short, this is a memoir spun from the thin gruel of musty propaganda and cherished grudges. Turning these pages is like watching an old man dust his Hummel figurines and whine about the neighbors.”

Our ex-esteemed leader, Donald J Trump, has released his book.Much like President Obama and First Lady Michelle's book it is a deep dive into what ails this country. Ha ha, just kidding.

It is a picture book that should share a title with a book from series 1 of Friends, "My Big Book of Grievances". It was released by "the nation's premier conservative publisher, "Winning Team Productions", started by Don Jr and an ex-staffer, Sergio Gor. This is the nation's premier conservative publisher's first (and only) book.

I will quote a few choices from the Washington Post and Daily Kos:

There’s no containing Trump’s bile.

A photo of Trump meeting with in the Oval Office with John and Cindy McCain is captioned: “John McCain visited me in the White House, asking for a job for his wife. I am smiling, but I didn’t like him even a little bit.”

A photo of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, shown negotiating in a conference room is captioned: f---ing CRAZY — hence the name Crazy Nancy!” That caption was written with a Sharpie and placed over an image of the presidential seal.

“Trump closes the book with three double-spreads in a row of large crowds of fans. The last photo is a close-up of Trump alone, looking solemnly to the side. Then there’s a Sharpie note: `America, our journey continues. Together we will take our country back. We will WIN!’”

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