Saturday, February 12, 2022

This is not freaking me out

Australia put Koalas on the endangered species list and one could reasonably wonder why I am not more angry about this.

Well, if you read the fine print, they are endangered in certain states, not everywhere. Now, the fires did decimate the Koalas, but I can only think Australia will not let them go extinct. They are actually very good about keeping indigenous animals and trying to keep not indigenous animals out or dead now - dogs and cats not included, although some states have verys strict leash laws.

They have learned from the death of Tasmania tigers / devils. And by species now so isolated that one disease may wipe them out are very carefully protected and have developed species protection initiatives. These animals that they are learning from include, Little Blue Penguins, Mountain Pygmy Possums, Lungfish, Quokkas, Bilby, Platypus and the Greater Glider. So, even though endangered, I think there enough people worry about it.

I will save my freakouts for other things.

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