Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Interesting facts that Americans did not know - about America

This post is not about Americans being stupid. 

But it is about Americans being surprised about our practices and place in the world in many areas. Here are the 9 things that an International Tic-tocker found Americans are most surprised about , according to his comment section.

Now some of them are provided by some employers - like paid time off - but they point that surprises Americans is that thing slike these are required in other countries, not at an employers discretion. 

I think many of these seem surprising to us, because we assume that we are the freedom forefront. That was true for many years, most of the world has passed us by. And, "Make America Great Again" proposals would not improve any of these items.

  1. There are 81 other nations (and all developed countries) that have at least 30 days paid off time guaranteed a year. US has none.
  2. Every other developed nation has paid maternity leave. We do not.
  3. US is the only country that has a pledge of allegiance. That isn't a big deal, but it surprises us that other countries don't have one.
  4. US has dropped to 17th place in the human freedom index. The Cato Institute (an American institution) creates this list based on Personal, Economic and Civil freedoms. 
  5. US in in 27th place in the global social mobility index. That means there are 26 countries that make it easier to get out of poverty.
  6. US is one of only 2 countries where prescription drug advertising is legal.
  7. Opioid crisis was pretty much just a US crisis, with 80% of opioids consumed in the US.
  8. Many developed countries calculate taxes on your behave with few or no exemptions. Note: this sounds like it would be bad, but almost all major exemptions benefit the richest of us. If we removed their exemptions the middle and lower income earners would pay less. A lot less.
  9. Most countries do away with a child tax credit by depositing money into a parents' account for each child every month for 18 years.

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  1. Based on reporting, the Build Back Better Plan might improve some of them. If that's true, while it may not mean we're stupid but we certainly look greedy.


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