Saturday, February 26, 2022

And this is how "Stand Your Ground" became, Kill Them All

The just acquitted (i.e. found "not guilty") a 71 year old man who shot another man in a movie theater. The old retired police officer yelled at a man who was texting his daughter in previews. They had an argument, and then the old guy shot the father.

His, SUCCESSFUL, defense was that after an argument, which he started!, with a younger man, he was fearful for his life. At the end of the argument, the young man threw popcorn at Curtis Reeves. Curtis Reeves argued that he was now fearful for his life, reached in took out his handgun and shot Chad Oulson.

Great law.

The image below is of Chad Oulson (now dead) and his wife who was injured being quiet.


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