Sunday, February 27, 2022

63 Things About Me: #4 and #5

From original post: I will be turning 63 late next month. Sixty three! It is not an auspicious number. No big round number, no massive event. Just a birthday - hopefully the first in 3 years that isn't Covid screwed.

But, here's the thing, I am feeling pretty good right now (mentally). And I am looking forward to the next phase of my life. Having said that, it is time to look back fondly on what gifts I have been given. And, by gifts, I usually mean the pleasure of experiences with friends and loved ones.


Today are two places that I loved that made me super happy. The first provided me one of my first foreign travel thrills. The first I have imagined since I was just a young hopeful geography boy, Liechtenstein.

Yes, little tiny Liechtenstein. I went the first time on my first trip to Europe proper (I had visited England one time before).

It was kind of fantastic. I went the first time by myself (in between Munich and Frankfurt). It was really cool but they didn't take credit cards, and no one spoke English. I walked up to the Price's Castle - where he and his family still live. It made me happy.

I went later with Eddie and we enjoyed it again. The capital, Vaduz, had changed from a tiny little berg to a tiny wired cosmopolitan berg (that is wired - like the entire. country is provided free wi-fi - it is not weird just spelled incorrectly as you think!).


This is book-ended by the Faroe Islands. Lynn and I went on my 60th birthday, my last non-Covid birthday.

The Faroe Islands are the land of waterfalls, thrilling landscapes and pizzas with bananas on them. Okay that last one is odd, but it's their country.

It was my last trip for a long time. But in those moments restrictions are lifted, Ed and I traveled a lot.

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