Monday, January 17, 2022

Trend I Have Never Understood

 I have never understood this trend. Throw blankets.

This header for a story implies that s/he has more than 1 throw blankets. I assume they are named "throw blankets" as a reference to "throw pillows". Which are those things I normally throw off the cou8ch when I try to sit down.

Now, at least with pillows I do understand they serve a purpose, particularly for people a bit shorter than I, who use them to make the couch more comfortable.

But throw blankets? That is a design too far that I do not understand. It doesn't make the couhc looked more comfortable, lived in or casual. How many "throw blankets" make the couch more comfortable. the answer, 1, IF there is a dog involved.

Okay, two uses if Sussie is there, because she is always cold. But then it is less a "throw blanket" than a "freezing blanket".

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