Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Instagram Posts "OverHeardLA"

There is an instagram account called Overheard in LA (overheardla), which offers an uncanny look at LA discussions. Mainly in the white, upperish class in LA (seems to focus on Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and West Hollywood).

For those of you who have lived or live in LA, they are funny.


Man to friend: "Things have been crazy lately." 

Stranger: "It's the Santa Ana winds, man."

Man: "I'm not into that astrology shit."


"In the past three months, she has managed to go to New York, Vegas and Central America, but somehow was unable to meet me for a drink in West Hollywood."


*Lactaid pills fall in front of waiter

Waiter: "If that's a valium can I have one?"


"Well I don't go to therapy, but on Saturdays I smoke a lot of weed and give my cat some catnip, and we talk about the world. It's basically the same thing."


"I'm feeling normal ... It's like the world's anxiety is finally at the same level as mine.


"LA is weird. I make a new friend just waiting in line at the juice bar but my neighbors of 3 years ignore me in the hallway."


Dry Bar Receptionist: "Excuse me, you need a mask."

Woman: "Oh my God! I'm so sorry.. I'm from Orange County."


True friendship is knowing that your friends would pick you up from LAX, but you care about them too much to ask them to do that."

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