Monday, January 10, 2022

Good (and Easy) Climate News

There are two things that would impact climate, but that are so important to mankind (okay Americans) that one dares not propose these because you would get laughed out of the country. The first is a complete end to air travel. In this some very good work is happening to move ari travel to less polluting solutions (hydrogen looks the most promising, electric energy great, but only for short flights).

The second is beef.  Before I start let me say, I freaking LOVE hamburgers. Sure, I like steak, but I can go for a long time without steak, I can't go more than about a week before I start getting the sweats from hamburger withdrawal. The problem is, each cow (dairy or beef) emits as much pollution, in the form of methane, as is released by a single small car over the course of the year. 

But beef is universal (except India) and telling people not to eat beef is a non-starter. In fact, a major Republican talking point is that climate nazis want to take away your steaks. Which isn't true, but whne has that stopped them?


But I say, there is a breakthrough that requires almost nothing from us, AND would reduce cow emissions from 40 - 100%. Seaweed.

Let me explain.  Cows move grasses or hay from 1 stomach to another, five times for more digestion. Each time methane is release (either in farts or belches). This creates a lot of methane. A LOT!

But, through shear accident, a farmer added seaweed to a cow's feed - to extend the feed at a cheap price. Turns out, that seaweed causes the cow digestion to slow down a bit. But that bit is enough for methane to be reduced 40% - 100% - depending on the cow and seaweed type.

And it doesn't have to be a shitload of seaweed. Less than 1/5 of 1% of the feed can be seaweed and the result is the same. There are now a few scientist / animal physiology experts trying to grow the right seaweed in newly created bays to ramp up production of the best seaweed for methane. The same way we grow oysters, muscles and farm fish, can be used for seaweed. 


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