Saturday, January 15, 2022

Ed Thinks It's Meth in the Water

In case you've missed it, Americans have gone bat-shit crazy. Bat-Shit Crazy, by the way comes from the theory that the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum resides in bat guano, and, since the fungus infects the brain of the host, makes them behave in a psychotic manner.

Only, in this case, it might be Methamphetamine instead of Histoplasma capsulatum. Through a long story of meth: Hell's Angels, popular ways to make it, Mexican Cartels, easy access to fentanyl, and Sudafed prohibitions, NEW meth is MUCH cheaper,  is now widely available nationally and is flooding the markets. It is also more dangerous, causes more psychotic and paranoid delusions. It is also a new replacement for the oxycontin plague we are trying to stop.

Ed has theorized - and it makes sense - that so much meth is entering the environment that some places, that meth episodes might be fueling the bat-shit crazy time we live in, even for people not using meth.

For example, shootings are rampant.  Conspiracies are rampant.  Explosive anger, results in attacks on store employees, restaurant workers and flight attendants are not even news anymore.

This is the number of MASS shootings. In the first 2 weeks of this year. MASS SHOOTINGS.

Yes, I know it is too small to read. That is how many mass shootings we have had in 2 weeks of 2022. Here is the link so if you want you can read in full.

Want an example? Yesterday - after a order was  maybe wrong - at a Wendy's in Phoenix there was an argument at the window. The customers drove away from the window, the passenger got out and shot a teenage worker in the head, and then drove away. This didn't make the news! DID NOT EVEN MAKE THE NEWS.

And it isn't just shooting. Airline passengers are leaping into anger and attacks with both feet and fists. This is from a CNN article at the end of October - BEFORE the holiday SNAFU. Look, flying has been an unpleasant experience since forever, but this fever swamp of bad actors is unmoored from reality.

Airlines have reported a record number of violent clashes between flight attendants and passengers. A survey by the Association of Flight Attendants found that 85% said they have dealt with unruly passengers as passenger volumes picked up in the first half of 2021. More than half 58% experienced at least five incidents. And 17% reported a physical fight.

Last week a passenger hit an American Airlines flight attendant twice in the face, breaking her nose. Earlier this year a Southwest flight lost two front teeth and sustained facial injuries from an attack by a passenger.

There have been about 5,000 formal reports of unruly passengers so far this year, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, with 72% of them related to disputes over wearing masks. While the number of cases are down from earlier this year, before the FAA stepped up enforcement action, it is still far more frequent than pre-pandemic levels.

We are long past the "understandable" window. Hell, Americans can not even see how unusual this is for the world. 

!n 2021; 44, 860 Americans died from guns in the States (homicide, suicide and the odd hundreds of kids that accidently got a hold of their parents firearms). LINK 

And yet, even to get to that aggregated number from ALL wars, conflicts, and shootings in other countries, one must add up the top four wars in 2020 in order to get to our "acceptable" number of gun deaths as the price for the 2nd amendment. LINK

19,444  - Afghanistan: Taliban and ISIS
19,056  - Yeman: Yemenis in Civil War with 3 Yemeni factions and Saudi Arabia
 3,700   - Syria: Deaths in the Syrian Civil War 2020 (all sides)
 1,600   - Ethiopia, Tigray, Eriatria

So.. if add up the 4 LARGEST conflict deaths in the world in 2020. It STILL is not as many gun deaths as in the United States in 1 year. Tell me that isn't batshit crazy!

Some info on gun deaths are included below. This infor is for LESS THAN TWO WEEKS OF 2022!

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