Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Can you tell the temperature from this picture

I get up and look out the window, and most mornings look like this.

It is a great view and all, but it is no real help telling the temperature. I hate to compare to LA (I don't really, but everyone else hates it when I do it, so I pretend to feel bad about it). Anywho, in LA, if it is that sunny, and cool, it's probably low 60s and will heat up soon. If it colder than that, it will be overcast. Warmer that that people would be out jogging.

But in New York, you have no idea. This image was taken when it was 22 F ( -5.5 C), but it was the same at 8 F (- 13 C) last week and 55 f ( 13 C) the week before that.

It is very confusing.

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