Thursday, December 9, 2021

The sad decline of Yugoslavia's Resorts

Yugoslavia is a now only a memory, but the memory of it goes on. In many ways, Yugoslavia was a more liberal China, back before China became scary as hell right now.

It was also a playground for the rich and famous, like Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor who partied on the beaches at the coolest hotel.

That specific resort, the Haludoval was gorgeous. The end of Yugoslavia meant the end of these hotels, mainly because they were in war zones. The one below hung on until 2002 before closing. It is interesting to see hotels built in a brutalist architectural style. You don't think of that with Brutalism.

At it's peak

Indoors now

Outdoors now

And then there is this hotel below. It was perched on a hill in Bosnia overlooking the mountains and valleys below. I actually took pictures of this (which I cannot find, duh). But I remember it because it was so unique. Turns out is was both a hotel and a monument building.

It is such bad shape because during the Bosnian War, the Serbs used it for a headquarters (it had a commanding view).


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