Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Lying to the audience (and not being embarrassed by it) moves to sports television

(note up front) I don't hold this personally against Chris Collinsworth. I use this whoel shebang as an example (one of hundreds) that Americans in the public eye just lying all the time. If they aren't lying (as I don't think Collinsworth was), they make mistakes but can't acknowledge it 

Look, I like Chris Collinsworth. Generally I believe he is funny, smart and insightful about sports. But, again, we seem to be stuck where people who are "experts" (in this case, Chris Collinsworth) who either flat out lie (which I do not think was the case here) or say something stupid - then cannot acknowledge the mistake and - as my father bragged about doing - sticking with the lie.

I, and many other sports fans, were shocked by Aaron Rogers - previously a great, stand up guy - either lying or very willfully not providing the truth about his vaccination status. It is a giant brouhaha in the field, so he was obviously aware of Aaron's "misspeaking".

Then Chris Collinsworth, on a Sunday Night Football broadcast this last week, said:

During the second quarter of Green Bay's game against the Bears, Collinsworth said, “He doesn’t care. Have you seen a guy, and in particular, this year, be more honest about everything? You may not agree with everything he says, but we have heard from the beginning of this entire season exactly what he thinks about everything.”

I think Chris was referring to a podcast, where Rogers shared an excuse on his own misleading statements. The rest of the interview was truthful and introspective. Therefore, I totally give Chris Collinsworth a chance (in this case 3 days) to clarify his remarks.

Or he could pull the Trump trick of just going on. Guess which one a public broadcaster with decades of experience chose? Shocking (that was sarcasm).

From Chris.... crickets.

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