Saturday, December 11, 2021

Lesson Learned: Watch Out for Singaporean Otters

Out of the case files: Don't screw with wild animals, a story from Singapore.

Apparently there are Otters in a botanical park in Singapore. They are (were) very well behaved and not fenced in,  and Singaporeans love the free ranging Otters. The otter family is actually named Zouk after a nearby nightclub. There are 9 adults and 6 juniors.

During the pandemic they got a little more free range, swimming at an empty condo pool and frolicing in a child's park. But they attack this guy last week.

Apparently as the gentleman was walking in their direction, he was passed by a male jogger. They now think the jogger might have stepped on one of the juveniles. So the otters freaked out, but coming out of the bushes, mixed up the two men.

Apparently they attack the hell out of this guy and 15 otters might have actually killed him, but someone came running up yelling and driving them away.

Moral of the story: don['t screw with Singapore Otters.

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