Sunday, December 5, 2021

I know you ask...

I know when you read me (if you read me) you must occasionally ask yourself, Is this real? (or, more colloquially, what the hell?)

To which I must say: Yes, yes it is actually real. Take a look down yonder.

This image, which seems weird, is not.  But.. what puts us in a mindset that this is okay? (Answer: I got no fucking idea.)

Interestingly, this image and sentiment is actually not that rare. Don't get me wrong, it is odd that a politician in the US House of Representatives sent this card.  But the image and sentiment are not that odd in Christmas Cards and posts of many, regular Americans. The timing is spectacularly off. But probably done on purpose to outrage Democrats. Riling up Democrats gets Republican candidates money. But the more they try to outrage (and raise money) the more inured we get to the outrage. So they must ramp it up.

"But the day after a school massacre in Michigan, Scooter?"

"Yes Virginia, but at least they are sending thoughts and prayers. And requests for more ammo. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus. "

(sarcasm on)
And that, bitches, is how Americans celebrate the birth of Jesus!
(sarcasm off)

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