Thursday, December 23, 2021

Dec 23rd: Festivus for the Rest of Us

The 23rd of december is Festivus, the holiday for the rest of us. Popularized by George Costanza (father of "I Can't Stand Ya, Costanza") it is celebrated around the steel festivus pole and includes feats of strength and the airing of grievances. Herein is my Festivus Airing of Grievances both large and small. There are many, so buckle up kiddo.

  1. Cowboy Bebop was canceled almost before it aired. A true shafting of John Cho in a delightful role.
  2. Covid
    1. Delta
    2. Omicron
  3. Covid PCR Testing - apparently the nose bone is connected to the brain bone.
  4. Taron Egerton has not been in a movie this year
  5. Murder Hornets (an 2020 holdover)
  6. Malicious Otters
  7. Kyle Rittenhouse
  8. The number of commercials in ABC Nightly News.
  9. No new Umbrella Academy Season Yet
  10. They way Irish spell names Ian = Ion or Eion? / Chivon = Siobhán or Siubhán? / And we all have just agreed that Shawn is spelled Sean, no reason why! Kids, there is no H in that spelling!
  11. The UCLA Head Coach Chip Kelly. W /L record at Oregon 33 - 6, W/L record at UCLA 18 - 2!
  12. Borshat: It just cold pureed beet soup
  13. Beets
  14. Politics
  15. Aaron Rogers
  16. 24 hour delays in Charlotte NC
  17. The lack of Broadway in most of 2021
  18. What's back on Broadway at the end of 2021: Mrs. Doubtfire! / Diana - the Musical / Temptations the Musical / Tina Turner the Musical / Michael Jackson the Musical / rumored return of Jersey Boys the Musical. Yuck!
  19. Masks on planes (just make vaccinations required!)
  20. Mask on Broadway: Kids, we had to be vaccinated to get in!
  21. De Blasio
  22. Texas
  23. The Supreme Court
  24. The dying sound of Democracy
  25. The dying sound of the planet (and the fact it's slapping us in the face on the way out)
  26. Peacock + streaming? another one?
  27. The lack of either Del Taco or Jack in the Box in a 500 miles radius
  28. Cancer / TIA of my loved ones
  29. Billionaires in space
  30. Elon Musk (1/2 the time, the other 1/2 - I love him)
  31. Fat Chris Pratt
  32. Dune 2021 (man! it was more boring than Dune of the 1980s!)
  33. Jan 6th
  34. March 29th (2nd straight Covid birthday)
  35. Zoom
  36. Cowboy Bebop cancelled (I know, but I really did love that show)
  37. The new Sex in the City with 60 and 70 year olds.
  38. Benedict Cumberbatch as a Cowpoke
  39. My very own Covid 19 (pounds)
  40. Proving you're a human by checking crosswalks on the screen
  41. Paul Rudd as the Sexiest Man Alive
I've got more, but I think that gets to the point.

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