Monday, December 13, 2021

A (as in one) Reason we have a problem confronting climate change

I think most everyone now believes Climate Change is real. The unprecedented Kentucky tornados, floods in Europe, wildfires in Australia, Turkey and the Western US , plus others issues to numerous to count have lead almost everyone (who isn't a corporate shill) to understand climate change is real. We may not agree on the cause (although 99.5% of Scientist do - spoiler alert, it's humans) but we can agree the Climate is changing and is going to get worse.

So, why can't we act on it?

My favorite thinker / writer, Yuval Noah Harari, has some thoughts on this I read last week. He believes that, through the evolution of humans, which has worked wonderfully in our societal growth - but crappy now, we have certain mindsets about dangers and threats. 

One of the realities of us humans, is that we struggle to comprehend a problem that doesn't have a villian. We evolved to understand a predator - like a lion. We evolved to understand a villain - like Hitler or the playground bully. We were even able to rationally grow this up to the society level predators - like Communists or Slave holders.

But, there is no villian in Climate Change. Climate Change occurred due to a growth of industrialization and pulling more and more people out of poverty. Climate Change occurred as a result of great intentions and unexpected consequences. Shell Oil didn't start out to poison the earth. Our parents, grandparents and us did not set out to make smog, or stuff landfills or create toxins.

To mentally resolve this, we tend to set people against each other. For some "progressive thinkers" it lets them think they are better than others that don't recycle, or eat beef, or bike to work. For some "conservative thinkers" it means there is no problem without a villian. So James Inhofe throws snowballs on the floor of the Senate and thinks anyone who believes in Climate Change is an idiot.

Think about it. IF humans need a villian, AND we don't agree with you on Climate Change Resolutions, then you must think of us as villians. And now we don't like you and seriously won't help.

If you can't see this in your own life, look at climate conferences. The participants and the press divide people and countries into good guys and bad guys. And, if you're going to call them bad anyone, they will not work with you.

It makes a formidable roadblock to resolution.

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