Thursday, November 18, 2021

Random shit from my photos

 I take a bunch of pictures I find interesting, even though they all don't work out.  Here is just some random things I thought were interesting.

Okay this is more hilarious, than interesting. If you know, Eddie and I are friends with Sam Underwood, an actor. He is right now in Dynasty. And Dynasty has him with an odd storyline. He started as a fake veterinarian to put the moves on Fallon's ex-husband. He quickly became a real veterinarian somehow.  He moved to Atlanta (location of this version of Dynasty) and announced he was Blake's long lost son. In Atlanta he became the team doctor for the Atlanta Soccer Club. Then he became a surgeon at an Atlanta hospital. Then he became Chief of Surgery. Pretty amazing for a fake vet!

Like most actors, Sam is following a workout diet plan. But Netflix has chosen his himbo picture to advertise for Netflix. It is a picture he is thrilled with, shown to millions of people a day. He is not amused.

This is a old Packard that Lynn and I saw outside of Hot Springs. It had been beautifully restored.

Like New York, Hot Springs has some very old signs written on walls. The building that was here was torn down to make a small parking lot, and the original side of the building next door was revealed.  It is cool.

I put this up before, but I do love the Beaux Arts lettering here from 1930. If you can't read it right away, it says "Medical Arts Building".

I shared some pictures from the Banksy exhibit. This is from a hotel lobby he actually built. It is all a bit of a jumble, but I do LOVE the surveillance cameras mounted on the wall like deer heads.

None needed

Eddie and I went with a friend to watch his son play soccer one morning a few weeks ago.  it was fun, but what you would expect, a bunch of 8 and 9 year olds running up and down the field. Léon was playing goalie and it was fun (his parents are French).

While we were there I took some pictures of the train bridge above the park. it was from a time when buildings were designed to be elegant, not just utilitarian.

That's it for this edition of cool things I've seen.

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