Friday, October 15, 2021

Welcome back Moulin Rouge

Ed and I had a date night yesterday. We ate at an Italian restaurant, Amorona, which was very good.

Then we headed to see Moulin Rouge with a new Santine, Natalie Mendoza. She is the only new cast member after Broadway was dark for over a year. It reopen on July 26th, which was early on (many shows still aren't open yet).

The getting in was easy, New York has the Covid passes down pat. Ed used the New York state ap and I used the New York city ap. Either one let us pretty fly through the lines, although we did get there early.

Anyway, the musical still works. It still moves me. And the new Santine brought out a different, and better, side of Aaron Tveit. So, yes, it was great.

Again and still.

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