Wednesday, October 6, 2021

NY Times review of "Six" is not making me want to go.

Rviews, particularly "rave" reviews should make you want to go see the show. The fantasic review for "SIX", a rock / pop musical that is 80 minutes of girl power from Henry the VIII's wives / victims definitely do NOT do that for me.

Here is the paragraph that convinces me it is a super bad idea.

Yet somehow “Six,” by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, isn’t a philosophically incoherent jumble; it’s a rollicking, reverberant blast from the past. I don’t just mean that it’s loud, though it is; you may clutch your ears even before the audience, primed by streaming audio and TikTok, starts singing along to the nine inexhaustibly catchy songs.

Singing along? What are we, seeing "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" with toddlers? Singing along at the theater,  particularly by a clutch of screaming teenage girls does not an enjoyable experience make. Unless you are a teenage girl, which I am not. This is one I'll probably be missing.

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