Tuesday, October 12, 2021

James Bond Villains' Lairs

Achritectizer has a bunch of James Bond lairs form the movies. These are villians' lairs.

Clearly, this is my favorite although I never saw the movie it was in. A Greece Monastery from "For Your Eyes Only"

Lake Como Villa from "Casino Royale" (the Daniel Craig one)

French chateau from "Moonraker"

This is interesting. It was used in "The Quantum of Solace" - stupid title. The place itself is the ESO Hotel and is used for scientist and astronomers from a Bolivian Observatory high up in the Andes.

Another odd one. This was written about in "His Majesty's Secret Service" the book. When the movie producers for the movie scouted for a location, they found that the Swiss were actually building this place! They had starting build the restaurant and ski lifts. The movie help pay to get this ready on time.

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