Monday, September 6, 2021

Why Blacks are hesitant about the vaccine

Many Blacks are hesitant to get the vaccine. Like some anti-vaccine whites they actually worry the government is testing an unproven drug on them. Now, this is dumb for white people. That isn't who we use as human guinea pigs. 

However, for Blacks, this is a reality. The government did it by: infesting Black men from Tuskegee with Syphilis (link), using a Black woman's body for testing (without permission) and experimenting on incarcerated Black men. And Arkansas is still doing it.

This month it was found that Black prisoners were treated with Horse Dewormer but the prison doctor, but not told what it was. They were told that this was vitamins.

 Not only was the "testing" done without their consent, but it was done by a doctor who ignored the CDC warnings (and thousands of poisonings from the dewormer) but a antivax racist - what else do you call a doctor that experiments on Black people without a Nazi analogy. Her is the text of the quick blurb (link). The doctor was in Arkansas where an anti-mask law was passed, blacks over overwhelming represented in prison and crazy people run free.

A doctor accused of prescribing incarcerated patients horse deworming drug ivermectin for COVID-19 now faces allegations that he did so without the inmates’ informed medical consent. Dr. Rob Karas, who is already under investigation by Arkansas health authorities, had previously said that the inmates were willingly taking ivermectin, which the FDA maintains is unproven as a treatment for COVID-19 and incredibly dangerous to humans in large doses. Several inmates told CBS News that this was never the case. “It was not consensual. They used us as an experiment, like we’re livestock,” a quarantined inmate, Edrick Floreal-Wooten, told CBS. He said that detainees were initially told the pills were antibiotics, steroids, and vitamins. It was roughly five days later, when The Daily Beast and other outlets broke the news that Karas was using ivermectin to treat COVID-positive inmates, that they realized what was happening. Only then did nurses break out the consent forms, according to Floreal-Wooten; approximately 20 detainees have since turned the drug down. Floreal-Wootin says he has since begun experiencing diarrhea and abdominal pain, side effects associated with taking ivermectin. He hasn’t told medical staff, however, instead preferring to wait six weeks until his scheduled release from jail. “I’m scared,” he told CBS. “I can’t trust any of the medical staff. I can’t trust any of the guards.”

Full article from CBS News

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