Monday, September 13, 2021

"We are not partisan hacks" is the "I am not a crook" of 2021

Amy Coney Barrett, a partisan hack on the Supreme Court, is worried that the public sees the court as partisan hacks. 

She made her nonpartisan speech at the Mitch McConnell Center, where Mitch McConnell watched as his partisan Supreme Court appointment talked to a bunch of Republicans to pull in well deserved money and in order to loudly denounce partisan hackery. 

She clearly stated, “To say the court’s reasoning is flawed is different from saying the court is acting in a partisan manner” I am thrilled she isn't partisan in her decisions. 

I am thrilled her overturning of Roe v. Wade precedent - after years of Republican backing - wasn't partisan. Because denying 15 million women access to termination, without exclusions for rape, is so bipartisan. I know many Democrats that people a raped woman should have to take a baby to term. Of course we all believe that any (Texas) rapist should always be able to stop the procedure and sue his victim for $10,000.

I am thrilled her overturning of a California law - that treats churches the same as other gathering places and has been in place for over a year, wasn't based on a partisan bias. Because, you know, anti-mask hysteria is bipartisan. And special rules only for churches has been illegal for far far too long - you know, since the Constitution was ratified. Thank God she overturned that in a bipartisan manner that overruled both previous District and Supreme Court  precedent.

Yes, over turning a recent Supreme Court ruling requiring churches to follow the same indoor restriction as every other business in the the state, Completely bi-partisan.

I am thrilled that the reversal of a lower court ruling - that required access to EPA decision documents requested by the Sierra Club - was not partisan. Everyone knows that decisions made in secret, despite previous rulings by every other court, that is not partisan.

I am learning so much about what is and isn't partisan. It is fascinating.

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