Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Our British visit to Penshurst Place

View from the gardens east of the house.

Ed, Jane and I stumbled on a magnificent castle / house about an hour south of London. It is call Penshurst place - which is just understated enough to be humble bragging.

You could tour the bottom floors and the garden. The same family line has lived in the house for 600 years and still live thee in the upper floors. Part of the way they manage to keep it despite high taxes is to open parts of it to the public AND to movies. Wolfe Hall and The Other Boleyn Girl were both filmed there.

The Great Hall, showing about 1/3 of the room.

The oldest part of the house is the Great Hall. This is the hall where feasts and festivals took place It was also at times, used for the staff (up to 100) would sleep!

The rest of the house was fairly normal for a castle. Queen's bedroom (with pictures of one Lord's two mistresses in it). Armory with all the ancient weapons arraigned tastefully.

But the gardens! Oh my. They were designed as a set of outdoor rooms. You can almost see the space for trysts and secret rendezvous. I give you different garden rooms.

Front Garden

This is the massive lawn garden from the House's portico (I am chock full of fancy words today!). It is the more formal and public part of the garden.

These are two of the many "lanes and hedges" that divide the garden rooms. Gorgeous. 

Finally a lot of the rooms, often with Ed, Jane or me in the picture.

The sun was in our eyes. We were not "confused" as one friend asked.

The lavender had already bloomed so you can't see the pattern, but the plants create the blue, white and red of the Union Jack!

Also, there are two topiaries in. the pictures below. They flank a small fountain. One if a bear, and the other is as (answer reveled AFTER the picture, try to guess.

This is obviously the Bear. It is on their family coat of arms.

This is the other animal on the coat of arms

To revel the answer highlight this sentence. It's a Porcupine!

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