Monday, July 12, 2021

Original Disney 1 and 2 (and a bonus)

There was an article that mentioned the eleven rides that were open Day 1 and still open. The site going to print their info on them and then I will add my memories. I have visited Disneyland scores of times*, and worked there as a teenager.


Peter Pan’s Flight set a new standard for dark rides when it opened at Disneyland. It's based on the 1953 film and features hanging riding vehicles shaped like pirate ships for guests to hop into. After passing a detailed mural recreating scenes from the movie, guests boarded the ride and glided over a miniature model of London at night. The attraction still operates today, and it’s been updated with new scenes and lighting effects.

The new black light ride

The older ride

Okay, this has got to be one of my favorite rides. It has a nostalgia I cannot get over (yes - even though the movie is problematic for its portrayal of Native Americans and Mermaids). This is the only ride only ride that is guided by an overhead track so you seem to be flying over London and the Island of Lost Boys.


Based on Disney's animated adaptation of The Wind in the WillowsMr. Toad’s Wild Ride was one of the most thrilling rides at Disneyland when it opened. Guests boarded Toad’s motorcar and sped through exciting scenes from the short film. This is also one of the rare Disney attractions without a happy ending: The grand finale sees riders rolling into hell, complete with cartoonish devils. It’s still operating at Disneyland today.

Newer Mr. Toad

Original (flatter images) Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

I was on the original and the updated Mr. Toad. The original was a herky jerky ride that followed the adventures of Mr. Toad, which I had never seen. The new ride is sharper, cleaner and smoother. I went once on the new version, and liked it, but never went again.

(Just for Me)

Alice Adventures in Wonderland.

By far my favorite Fantasyland ride is Alice Adventures in Wonderland. I liked it before the redo, and liked it even more with the redo. My favorite bit is the march of the Cards behind the Red Queen. In the redo, they made many of the flat images, fully realized Cards!

New Alice Ride

OLD picture of the outside. This hasn't changed much, except the colors are more vibrant

Old inside the ride. I love the caterpillar cars (updated, but still in use).

I know scores of times seems like a lot, but not really.  First, my parents took me, then my babysitter took me a lot. My grandparents (maternal) lived close to Disneyland and visitors to them would always leave their extra ride tickets (Disneyland used to have tickets for each ride at different levels). I could get inside for $3.50 (later $5.50), and use the old tickets we had. Disney has stopped that now because they don't use tickets. I remember the exact day I trie to use an E-Ticket on the Matterhorn and the said no more tickets, just get on!


  1. Wow, people left "E" tickets behind? We usually only had "B" and the sad, sad "A" tickets left.

  2. It was my (mean) Grandma's house. Her friends and family were kind of "above it all". Worked out great for me. Plus when she babysat me, 1 day a week she dropped me off at Disney to relax (and drink).


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