Thursday, June 17, 2021

To Make Myself Enjoy The Day...

 ,,, yesterday, I went to the Bronx Zoo.

Wednesday are half price and there were lots of kids and parents. I had a bite to eat and was sitting at the picnic tables, and I hear 1 mom (sitting with her kids) after a bird took her chip yell to the world in general, "I swear to God, that bird comes back one more time and I am punching it in the throat!"

And I thought, thank goodness penguins don't have throats. Here are some pic (not of the woman)...

This is a "Little Blue" Penguin. We saw these in Australia a long time ago. They used to be called Fairy Penguins"

This is a Little Blue, outside his house. If you look in the box in the back and farther past that, you see a breeding pair near their house.

This is an African Penguin. They used to be called Jackass Penguins because of their call.

And yes, the penguins did make me feel better.