Thursday, June 17, 2021

Historically Fascinating

I am listening to a new podcast I find fascinating. It is called "The History of the Early Church" - the Church in this case being Christianity. No particular sect, as it was the very beginning - before the Roman schism and a LOT earlier than the Protestant split.

I have only listened to a seven of them so far, but it is cool.

It finally answered who the heck Paul was. (FYI - I don't feel like cursing in this particular post) Spoiler, he wasn't an original apostle. How, why and when Christianity broke from being a Jewish sect to being its own religion. Why Rome hated and persecuted Christians (because they were, to the Romans, atheists). How the early church dealt with money and followers (communally - what we would call communist today). What happened to the other apostles. How apostles and prophets found the Bishopric.

Anyway, it is taught by a very pious college professor, and, while he treats the religious aspects with reference and respect, he treats the historical record matter of factly.

Any who... just wanted to mention it.

Addition ---

Oh Yeah! It also explains why the Eastern Orthodox Church uses Icons!

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