Tuesday, April 13, 2021

What is happening?

 What is going on, and how do we handle it?  Let me start by saying I am working this week with new slides AND THEY SUCK!

I will be explaining later. For now trust me, this fucking sucks. 

So the on-going shit show is killing me. They shot another black driver, a 22year old father, during a traffic stop. They first said it was for air freshener hanging from the mirror (illegal in Minnesota), then it was expired tags. They decide to take him but an experienced officer “accidentally “ used a pistol not a tazer. DURING THE TRIAL OF A DIFFERENT POLICE OFFICER IN THE CITY KILLING A DIFFERENT BLACK MAN!

In Virginia, a good old boy (white ass) police officer pepper sprayed a black active duty Marine Lt. (black and Latino) at point black range, while he was sitting in his car with legal plates.

I  don’t get it anymore. I hurt. Does anyone else?


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