Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Blue One

A picture of the blue rubber band here is kind of the "before" picture.

On Tuesday I went on a road trip to Massachusetts (New York just legalized pot, but the stores here won't open for 18 months, so then it is still a drive to Great Barrington for sleeping pot). I return to a clean house, lovely husband, but hurting dog. We gave him some more water, which he drank like a camel, then drank some more. 

After a few hours, and a lot of water, he dropped a huge deuce (#2), which sounds horrible, but better than most alternatives. That night, Ed walked him and again, giant poop.

So he was feeling a lot better, but still not perfect. Then, yesterday morning, we are walking and he stops and poops a large poop, but as he walks away, there is still some stuck in his ass. Now, this is disgusting, but normal with dogs occasionally, so I put my hand inside a bag, a pull on the stuck poop. It comes off, but something pops back out of the bag. I see a shot of blue.

Well I reach down (and, yes, still with the bag around my hand) pull on a blue rubber band which is half in and half out of his ass. Rusty is not thrilled with this action. Given that last time this was tugged on, it shot back against his sphincter, I understand his trepidation. But remove it, I must.

So, I grab the loop that is out and pull. It wasn't a particularly long band, but it did stretch to a surprising size before finally popping out.

Rusty came home, had a cigarette and a long, blissful nap.

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