Monday, April 5, 2021

It's Not God, It's Your Brand

A "pagan" country? 

Eric is Eric Sammons, editor-in-chief of the conservative Catholic Crisis Magazine wondering why people are rejecting church organizations. 

I have to be the one that points out that since 1970 the church (most churches) has aggressively become political and more determined to be hateful. And, in the case of the Catholic Church, a haven for lying pedophiles.

The Catholic Church hasn't made any real public proclamations against the staggering abuse in the church, but has taken time out to call President Biden as "not a real Catholic"* because he supports a woman's right to choose.

Evangelical Churches, so quick to cast LGBT people as abject sinners who they should be allowed to discriminate against, gleefully supported an adulterous, pathological liar for President.

Many Christian politicians loudly proclaim that all life is sacred to oppose abortion, but campaign against funds for children or families and medical support for them because it builds dependence. It seems their love for all life end the second birth occurs.

Mega-churches who proclaim their love for all people, but refuse to wear masks during an epidemic even to protect the most venerable among us.

Preachers that don't "love thy neighbor" if thy neighbor is brown (citizen or not), Asian or Democrat.

Evangelical Christians have blamed Climate Change, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and 9/11 on feminists, LGBT people and pagens. 

Preachers who pay other people for sex, but then claim THOSE people are sinners and they were momentarily weak in their grip.

And there is a special place in the gospel of hypocrisy preached by Falwell who paid college kids to have sex with his wife while he watched, and STILL calls gay marriage the downfall of society. 

Apparently they have all forgotten Judge not, lest you be judged. Because, as sure as many leaders and "religious people" climb over each other to denounce everyone they can think of for not being good enough, people are judging that they don't want to be a part of hateful and hypocritical organizations.

There are still a lot of churches doing great things, and I don't mean to minimize them. But, just like I am tarred with the same brush whenever a gay person does something wrong, even good churches get tarred with negative connotations when large churches, particularly those that drive media, preach hate.


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