Thursday, March 18, 2021

Weather. I've Decided Weather is the Problem

I've decided today that weather is the problem. It isn't, of course, my fucked up brain chemistry is the problem, but indulge me.

You see where and when I grew up, weather was NEVER the problem. I loathed rain days, but they were few and far between, and always during the winter. Tornadoes, hurricanes, snow, freezing rain, sleet, thunder-snow, cold fronts and the host of weather related disasters were foreign for those of us that lived in "The Golden State".

Our big weather "issue" was something called "June Gloom". This is a condition where the early morning is very foggy in June (now May). It is because the air is warm,  but the ocean is still very cold. So overnight a bunch of cold ocean air picks up moisture and "rolls in" over parts of Southern California that have a straight shot to the beaches.

Then it is overcast and only in the 70s until anywhere from 10AM to 1PM (depending on how close you live to the shore), when the fog burns off and the sun shines and temps rise into the low 80s.

THAT, that June Gloom was our big weather bug a boo.

But everywhere else, very much including where I am now, Weather is a motherf*cker. A heartless evil wizard that exists, I believe, to taunt and terrorize me. The end of March has moved from being a perfect LA day, poopies blooming on highways and ocotillo blooming in the desert to a Frankenstein monster of "how can we fuck up Scott's weather" now.

And how's your day.


  1. Good morning ! A Beautiful warm day here today. Of course that will change tomorrow to a cooler, wetter scenario.
    So I’ll enjoy the Sun today!

  2. We broke it; maybe we can fix it.


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