Saturday, March 6, 2021

See! We Aren't The Only Crazies! (AND a superfluous tie in to Eurovision)

Ah, craziness around the world. For once not in the US OR England. Nope, this time it is the tiny island nation of Cyprus. Actually 2/3s of the island, but why be pedantic?

Now the song itself is about a woman who chooses NOT to hook up with / date / have intercourse with a man who has hurt her. She will not even say his name, instead calling this horrible man "El Diablo". Which, true, is "the devil", but in Spanish. Not in English, nor in Greek (which Cypriots speak), it's in a 3rd language altogether. And about her abusive ex, NOT the devil. 

But, their crazies insist it is "really" about devil worship. I bet they think their election was stolen too!

And now, here in all it's glory... "El Diablo" the Eurovision entry for Cyprus!

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