Sunday, March 14, 2021

Pitlochry Scotland (updated)

So, in the lovely Scottish Town of  Pitlochry, which I feel in love with, is a beautiful 8 bedroom bed and breakfast for sale. It's UK$ 710,000. If we got it with friends, that would bring it down. Since it is now a B&B, there are 6 bedrooms with ensuite. So, we could get, like 4 other couples and be cool. Stay whenever we want, have friends over a lot. LINK

And Pitlochry is a lovely city and area. There is a great theater rep in the Sumer. And a used bookstore and lots of shops and restaurants.

Now I know what you're thinking? Who will watch it when we aren't there? We'll find someone in Scotland, I'm sure..

My friend Shelly has approved the plan with 1 minor change. She would like Jamie Fraser to run the house when we are not there...


  1. Love the idea and the house sitter is dreamy.

  2. Yes! I'm going to start buying lottery tickets today to try and win my share.


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