Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Another Culture War Teed Up

There is something seriously wrong with the Republican Party. They have no plan for governing at all. So they must sit back and scare people with cultural issues. This normally backfires because it is a sad side show which they try to villainize some group with very little power.

I know. I have been on the ass end of their attempts often, after they moved on from legislating against Black people. They embraced creating villains after the end of Jim Crow. First, of course, it was blacks and equal opportunity. Then it was MLK's birthday holiday (Arizona held back for years and some southern states combined MLK day with a Confederate Heritage Day, just to fuck with Black people).

Then it was hippies who wanted to leave Vietnam. Then it was people who wanted to reduce smoking in public. Then it was women who wanted a "sexual revolution" - which really meant women wanted equal pay and equality that freaked Republicans the fuck out. Then it was women in the Military. 

And then they forgot about governing and only ran on hate. Then it was the gays - remember when they went to the Supreme Court to outlaw homosexual relations. Then it was gays in the Military. Then it was gay marriage.

Now it is transexuals, because gender equality somehow leads to communism. In searching for a problem to scare people with, they are now attacking people who question and sometimes try to change their gender. Whether it is living in the wrong skin or trying to adjust, Republicans hate them. And want everyone else to fear the are coming for you.

They went after bathrooms saying that men who go into Women's bathrooms to rape women. Which has happened zero times. Men have gone into women's bathrooms to rape women. But not while dressed as woman nor as transexuals. In fact, a trans-man, who presents as a man and has taken testosterone, is suppose to use the women's room with these laws and it is crazy.

This tempest in a teapot was roundly ignored. So now they are acting sports and students just to make tans youth fear living. Transsexuals in sports is not a problem. It has been legal in the Olympics forever, and we don't have transexuals holding records.

But I'm not here to say why these attacks are painful and hurtful to children. I am here to say that Republicans are so devoid of ideas for governing, they have nothing to offer except hate and fear. That isn't good for democracy or governing.

Politically they were against deficits, until Donald Trump blew up the budget by trillions. They were all in for war, until Donald Trump pulled out of Syria. They hated Russia and Socialism until Trump french kissed Putin. They now are for... anything?

They are passing laws in states to making voting harder for Democrats. And they oppose everything in Washington including legal voting.

And there are plenty of people that still like Republicans. I do not know why. What are they doing that people like?

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  1. To be fair, there are plenty of Republicans that don't like what the Republican party, i.e. them that are governing, is doing. They aren't doing much that anyone likes, including many Republicans. And like a lot of people, some Republicans just aren't paying attention.


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