Wednesday, February 17, 2021

I Love The Honesty of This Texan Mayor

Tim Boyd is the mayor of Colorado City Texas. And he doesn't need any pansy-ass socialist liberals demanding something for nothing. In this case the something is water and power during a once in a 30 year winter storm. And the nothing is the government giving it to you for free! (Although the people actually do pay for water and power, but never let that interrupt a good anti-socialist rant.)

He posted a real honest to goodness, fuck you all rant on twitter. I applaud it. He is speaking Texas truth. They whine and want no government or handouts, until it is something government does in most states. You know states with taxes and a government that meets at least once a year - so NOT Texas.

So fix yourself you lazy assholes. ha ha ha ha ha

Update: "Was" Mayor. He resigned after this didn't go over like he expeced.

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  1. Hurt some feelings? It was a bit over the top, I mean considering people (his constituents) are dying. Oi.


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