Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Wither now, one asks?

I think most of America is ready to settle into a nice quiet period. It isn't a desire for a reflective moment, as mush as exhaustion. 

A younger me, a firebrand me, an outraged me would find it infuriating. The evil of the past administration must be avenged. And there are a number of young firebrands who fight for this all the time. A more bitter me would look at this sarcastically and be outwardly amused and inwardly horrified that insurrection goes unpunished. And a brace of those people are out there, trying to walk the fine line between laughter and hysteria. A bizarro world me, if I were a Trump cultist, would be raging - as they are in droves, off-stage.

But this me, I want it all to shut the hell up for a few months. I hate the pushers of lies, still pretending the election was fixed. I am annoyed by pushers of  retribution (which I would be in early times), intent less on going forward than on justice. But most of all I am turned off by the LEVEL 10 OUTRAGE OF IT ALL.

This me, I don't believe much will change.  I don't think Congress can accomplish much with theater of backlash, always a day late and a dollar short. I don't think our nation will get satisfaction that way, and yet I am sure that is the way we are going, and the backlash wave will come after will go the same way after it is swept into power.

This me just wants his friends to be happy and the world to go the fuck away for a few weeks.

PS - I feel like the mother of an unruly child who wants to scream , "Can I just get 5 fucking minutes! Just five. Can you shut up for just five minutes." But who, instead, smiles and tries to tune the world out to the best of her ability. Sometimes my ability isn't so "best".

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