Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Who Says, "Well, she doesn't want to date me, but maybe if I send her a picture of my dick..."

 The Mets (an American baseball team) just fired their General Manager because he sent a woman and "unsolicited" picture of his penis.

His excuse is that it wasn't HIS penis. He sent it only after she (a female reporter!) refused to go out with him after he sent 16 other pictures of himself. And he thought, "Well, this is a scrumptious penis. Maybe this will convince her."

Gentlemen, no woman every changed her mind after unsolicited penis pictures. No. Even if you use photoshop to draw a little smiling face on it saying "pleeease". 


  1. Yay Mets! And by the by guys...I don't know ANY woman that would go out with ANY man who sent her a picture of ANY penis unless she was already dating/sleeping with/engaged to or married to him.

  2. Well, I DO wonder how one decides to send a dick pic, unsolicited or not. What thought process goes, "Hey, that looks pretty good this morning. I think the blond from the office will dig this!"?


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